What to Expect

Have you ever wondered what an office furniture showroom is like? Or have you ever wondered about the ordering process for commercial furniture? Why even choose commercial grade furniture for your office?

A showroom allows those looking to purchase office furniture or accessories a place to view them. You are likely to find: desks, reception centers, task chairs, guest chairs, conference tables, accent tables and chairs, panel systems, sound boards, mats just to name a few things. You can sit, spin, tilt back, get the full effect of the chair you are interested in purchasing. You can run your hand across a desk top. Open the door to a credenza or the drawer of a filing cabinet. 

Taking the leap from thought to action can be overwhelming. One of our vendors offers a conference room table with nearly 100 options to choose from. Yes, I counted! Knowing there’s that many options can be too much. But, we will consider your budget, size of space, likes and dislikes and only recommend what’s appropriate. 

During our initial meeting with a client, we will discuss your requirements, time constraint, and space configuration. Our goal is to help you mesh your desires with your budget. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to be the harsh reality. Trends aren’t always the best option for every office space. We can work in trending elements but you have to consider your employees personalities, the environment you want to encourage, and the demand of your space. 

Honestly, sometimes choosing a design can take a few tries. But we want to get it right for you! You are investing in your company and that’s not a decision to take lightly. Once a client has agreed with the general overall design, the fun begins! We enter into the order process. We’ll discuss color and material selections for the desired pieces as well as payment terms and estimated delivery times. Before anything is set in stone, our design consultant can a drawing of your space and the pieces you are interested in. Once everything is approved we submit the order to the factory and wait for delivery. Delivery day is like Christmas morning. It’s always exciting opening the boxes and putting things together. Once everything is ready we will deliver and install your pieces, making your space look amazing!

The office environment is demanding. The furniture you choose needs to be strong and supportive. The commercial industry has made strides in making sturdy pieces while also being comfortable and beautiful. We are grateful to offer our clients pieces like this as an option to consider. We hope you’ll be the next client we help.

Until next time~Celeste


Growing Up


Recently I tagged along as my Dad went to field check an upcoming project in South Carolina. Sure, in sixteen years I have been to several job sites but this was my first field check. I held the measuring tape and everything!

I have not once wished my dad had any other job. There are so many life lessons I've learned along the way for which I will forever be grateful: how to field check and plan projects, how to work with people, stand for what is important to you.  I've learned how to work with family (harder somedays than others) and how to roll with the ups and the downs day to day work brings. 

I wasn't just tagging along to learn about what my dad does. I went along as a marketing intern. For the past few months I have helped my parents share about the products we offer and what we have going on in the showroom. I thoroughly enjoyed creating artwork to advertise our ribbon cutting ceremony. 

The picture above is one I snapped when I went on the field check. I think it's one of my favorites I have taken for JMA so far. I look forward to taking more photos and videos to help share what we do.

May you be as fascinating as a slap bracelet-